2008-01-31 Philippe Le... * slis40 add 4.0 master
2008-01-31 Philippe Le... slis40 tag
2008-01-21 Raphael HertzogMoved trunk into a stable maintenance branch (branches...
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... New changelogs
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... Fix version format 0.2.0@3199
2007-05-25 Philippe Le... Restructuration du depot
2006-06-13 Bruno BzeznikMake doesnt like spaces... 0.2.0@3117
2006-06-13 Bruno BzeznikRemoved .svn files
2006-06-13 Bruno BzeznikUpgrade of all version numbers to be sure that they...
2006-05-13 Eric MercierCleaning code
2006-03-03 Frederic OllivierAdd copat file with 4 because there are a warning when...
2006-02-23 Eric MercierReorganistaion : three sections : unstable / testing...
2006-02-16 Eric MercierFirst import for slis-cyberecole 0.2.0@2056
2006-02-16 Eric Mercierremove old menu entry
2006-02-16 Eric Merciersomes bugfix in rootexec sections
2006-02-16 Eric Merciertewt new top menu
2006-02-10 Eric Mercierrootexec procedure
2006-02-10 Eric Mercierrootexec procedure
2006-02-09 Eric Merciermove script to scripts and install_script to install...
2006-02-09 Eric Merciercreate home on adduser
2006-02-03 Eric MercierNew changelog
2006-02-03 Eric MercierAdd .procmail in home user if not exist
2006-02-03 Eric MercierCorrect from in squirrelmail config
2006-01-21 Olivier Le Camreload postfix after config, and do newaliases as well
2006-01-16 Eric MercierInterface in CSS
2006-01-16 Eric Mercier export DH_COMPAT=4
2006-01-16 Eric MercierJust a few modif. into the interfaces :=)
2006-01-05 Eric MercierInterface organization
2006-01-05 Eric Mercierinterface organization
2005-12-20 Eric MercierUser in lcs-users group
2005-12-20 Eric Mercierchown user:user in /home/user directory
2005-12-19 Eric MercierVariable in slis.conf is RELAY_HOST
2005-12-19 Eric Mercierwhen reconfigure unlink /usr/share/interfacedu/www...
2005-12-19 Eric MercierAdd relayhost good config in
2005-12-19 Eric MercierAdd Relayhost in postfix conf
2005-12-19 Eric MercierAdd relayhost
2005-12-19 Eric MercierAdd relayhost in postfix conf
2005-11-07 Eric MercierGrosQuicK documentation
2005-09-29 Eric MercierSE3 smbwebclient capabilities
2005-09-05 Eric MercierAdd auto authentification for webmail in interface
2005-08-31 Eric Merciertoo much dirs
2005-08-31 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-08-31 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-08-31 Eric MercierAdd comentary
2005-08-31 Eric Mercierfirsts bugs
2005-08-31 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-08-31 Eric Merciercorrect directory for squirrelmail config files
2005-08-31 Eric Mercier2005/2006 : SLIS4 years
2005-07-04 Eric MercierSuirrelmail installation
2005-07-04 Eric Merciermove squirrelmail SSO in conflict whith symbolic link...
2005-06-16 Laurent Cooperinterface cosmetcis
2005-06-16 Laurent Cooperinterface cosmetcis
2005-06-13 Eric MercierAdd squirrelmail conf and squirrelmail interface in...
2005-06-07 Eric MercierAdd good right for squirrelmail
2005-06-06 Eric MercierAdd symbolic link for squirrelmail
2005-06-06 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-06-06 Eric Mercieradd install directory
2005-06-06 Eric MercierMake conf : (postfix) procmailrc (procmail...
2005-05-30 Eric MercierInitial import
2005-05-30 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-05-30 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-05-30 Eric Mercier(no commit message)
2005-05-30 Eric MercierAnother bug in initial import :(
2005-05-30 Eric MercierBug in Makefile
2005-05-30 Eric MercierFirst import
2005-05-30 Eric MercierFirst import
2005-05-30 Eric MercierFirst import for slis-mail
2004-04-01 Laurent Cooperimport subversion initial