2010-06-18 Raphael HertzogMass-update Standards-Version to 3.8.0 master
2010-06-18 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzogslis-doc: converted to debhelper 7
2009-09-02 Raphael HertzogMise à jour de mon prénom dans tous les debian/control...
2008-12-16 Philippe Le... Prepare for release
2008-12-03 Jérémy Bobb* Add documentation on how to create d-i images with...
2008-09-24 Philippe Le... Prepare for release
2008-09-16 Raphael HertzogUpdate documentation about openvz kernel.
2008-07-25 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release
2008-07-25 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release
2008-07-25 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release
2008-07-25 Raphael HertzogMore fixes.
2008-07-25 Raphael HertzogRemove ref to slis-coffee
2008-07-25 Raphael HertzogNew package slis-doc.
2008-07-16 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release
2008-07-16 Raphael Hertzog* Switch to debhelper 5 by default.
2008-06-03 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release
2008-05-29 Roland MasFixing build for slis-coffee
2008-05-29 Roland MasStill removing old references to /usr/share/interfacedu...
2008-05-17 Jérémy BobbRevert bogus commit done in r4632
2008-05-16 Jérémy BobbAdd documentation on slis-installer, still a work in...
2008-04-09 Raphael HertzogPrepare all packages for release.
2008-04-09 Raphael HertzogAdd svn-bp:tagsUrl properties.
2008-04-06 Raphael HertzogPut db_stop call at the end.
2008-04-05 Raphael HertzogRemove .svn directorries in debian/rules.
2008-04-05 Raphael HertzogSource debconf in postinst as it's needed to make sure...
2008-03-13 Philippe Le... * Add myself as uploader
2008-03-07 Roland MasFixing dependencies after slis-core split: slis-coffee.
2008-02-19 Roland MasBumped version number to 4.1~2
2008-02-19 Roland Mas4.1~1 uploaded to slis41
2008-02-15 Roland MasInitial infrastructure for building manpages from Docbo...
2008-02-13 Roland MasCleaned up shebang line in maintainer scripts.
2008-02-08 Roland MasAdded missing "|| true" after two Debconf calls.
2008-01-25 Roland MasRemoved references to non-UTF-8 charsets where they...
2008-01-25 Roland MasRecoding all files to UTF-8, with Unix line endings
2008-01-25 Roland MasRemoving unused entries from PO files
2008-01-25 Roland MasDispatched translations from slis-core-i18n into the...
2008-01-25 Roland MasBasic i18n infrastructure for slis-core
2008-01-25 Roland MasGlobal switch to Architecture: all
2008-01-25 Roland MasStarted using generic gettext helper functions, and...
2008-01-23 Roland MasSuppression de la liste de locales en dur
2008-01-23 Roland MasAdapted script to generic envir...
2008-01-23 Roland MasMade the localisation code more generic and reusable
2008-01-23 Roland MasInitial i18n infrastructure
2008-01-23 Roland Mas*.po files are UTF-8
2008-01-23 Roland MasStandards-Version is 3.7.2 in etch, not 3.7.3 yet
2008-01-23 Roland MasAdded a skeleton Docbook doc, with machinery to build...
2008-01-23 Roland MasFixed two lintian warnings in doc-base file (slis-coffee)
2008-01-23 Roland MasFixed debian/rules not to ignore errors on make clean...
2008-01-23 Roland MasAdding initial (empty) French translations for Debconf...
2008-01-22 Roland MasInitial po-debconf infrastructure for slis-coffee
2008-01-22 Roland MasUpdated Standards-Version to current (3.7.3)
2008-01-22 Roland MasRephrased package description for slis-coffee
2008-01-22 Roland MasFixed email address, and added myself as uploader so...
2008-01-22 Roland MasUpdated package version numbers for what will become 4.1
2008-01-21 Raphael HertzogRe-add all non-obsolete packages that didn't have any...
2008-01-21 Raphael HertzogMoved trunk into a stable maintenance branch (branches...
2007-12-14 Raphael HertzogDeuxième test.
2007-12-14 Raphael HertzogTest commit.
2007-12-12 Roland MasToujours test de mot de passe, pour nettoyer mes traces
2007-12-12 Roland MasRe-test, avec le bon mot de passe cette fois
2007-12-11 Philippe Le... changes for test
2007-12-11 Philippe Le... changes for test
2007-12-11 Roland MasTest commit réussi → revert
2007-12-11 Roland MasTest commit
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... New changelogs
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... Fix version format
2007-05-25 Philippe Le... Restructuration du depot
2006-06-13 Bruno BzeznikUpgrade of all version numbers to be sure that they...
2006-02-23 Frederic OllivierNo warning now
2006-02-23 Frederic OllivierCorrection slis-coffee
2006-02-23 Eric MercierReorganistaion : three sections : unstable / testing...
2006-02-01 Frederic OllivierAdd some Id and cron use
2006-01-30 Bruno Bzeznik(no commit message)
2006-01-30 Bruno Bzeznik(no commit message)
2006-01-30 Bruno Bzeznik(no commit message)
2006-01-30 Bruno Bzeznik(no commit message)
2006-01-30 Bruno Bzeznik(no commit message)
2005-11-16 Frederic OllivierChange the name of mainteneur
2005-01-24 Frederic OllivierConfig file
2004-12-16 Jean Navarroessai commit
2004-11-25 Frederic OllivierPut debconf dialog box in exemple
2004-10-20 Frederic OllivierI put this slis-coffee for new devllopper in SLIS 4...
2004-10-20 Frederic OllivierAdd of example for new-slis-developper