2012-11-20 Laurent COOPERnew package for cyberschool : empty and transitional... master 4.2.4
2011-05-24 Laurent Cooper* New version for 4.1 SLIS.
2011-05-24 Laurent Cooperimporting trunk to cyberschool (db problem)
2011-05-18 Laurent Cooperprepare for release
2011-05-18 Laurent Coopernew version with doc
2011-05-18 Laurent Cooperfull doc
2011-05-18 Laurent Cooperadding illustration to doc
2011-05-18 Laurent CooperAdded online documentation
2011-05-18 Laurent Coopermissing ;; in bash script : typo correction
2011-05-18 Laurent Cooperpostrm script for lcs-cyberschool
2011-05-18 Laurent Cooper* Added postrm to remove module from database
2011-05-18 Laurent CooperModified binarie package name to lcs-cyberschool (...
2011-05-18 Laurent Coopermodified version
2011-05-17 Laurent Cooper* Added missing directories (#458)
2011-01-25 Laurent Cooperslis41 version 4.2.1@6968
2011-01-25 Laurent Cooper* Added dependency to lib-lcslis-ldap
2010-06-18 Raphael HertzogMass-update Standards-Version to 3.8.0
2010-06-18 Raphael HertzogPrepare for release 4.2.0@6835
2010-05-11 Raphael HertzogMerge changes from 4.1
2010-05-05 Laurent CooperModified order level to configure AFTER ldapedu and...
2010-05-04 Laurent Cooper* Modify configure script to test ldapedu config.
2010-04-06 Raphael HertzogRemove empty directories that should have been already...
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: add POD documentation to bin/*
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: drop empty manual pages in...
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: add execution right to bin/*
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: misc packaging improvements
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: add lintian overrides
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyperschool: add myself in Uploaders.
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: add missing ${misc:Depends...
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: drop execute rights from many...
2010-02-16 Raphael Hertzoglcslis-lcs-cyberschool: converted to debhelper 7
2010-02-16 Raphael HertzogCreate 4.1 branch from trunk.
2009-11-10 Laurent Cooper* Add the domain hardcoded to net getlocalsid (bug... 4.1.6@6103
2009-11-06 Laurent Cooper* Corrected pasword extraction to obtain ldap.secret...
2009-06-09 Laurent Cooperprepare for release 4.1.5@5854
2009-06-09 Nicolas Agiusadded workaround to switch secrets.tdb when changing...
2009-06-09 Nicolas Agiuschanged default mode to workgroup
2009-06-04 Philippe Le... Prepare for release 4.1.4@5824
2009-06-02 Laurent Coopermade a quick fix for the menu system
2009-06-02 Laurent Cooperremoved set -e from config script (ldap script...)
2009-06-02 Laurent Cooperremoved ldap parameters from workgroup conf
2009-03-27 Laurent Cooper* prepare for release 4.1.3@5705
2009-03-27 Laurent Cooper* corrected and simpilified config script
2009-03-27 Laurent Coopermoved test scripts to bin
2009-03-27 Laurent Coopermoved test scripts to bin
2009-03-27 Laurent Cooperadd openldap test
2009-03-27 Laurent Cooper* modified config in order to use handle-initial-config
2009-03-17 Laurent Cooper* cleaned changelog
2009-03-16 Nicolas AgiusDependencies fixes
2009-03-16 Nicolas AgiusDeleted obsolete code (Due to r5654)
2009-03-16 Nicolas AgiusVersion number update
2009-03-13 Nicolas AgiusComplete rewrite of module.
2009-01-27 Philippe Le... * Added myself as uploader.
2008-04-09 Raphael HertzogPrepare all packages for release. 4.1.0@4490
2008-04-09 Raphael HertzogAdd svn-bp:tagsUrl properties.
2008-04-05 Raphael HertzogAdd db_stop call as debconf is otherwise unused in...
2008-03-26 Roland MasFixed my email address.
2008-03-25 Roland MasFetch the MySQL password from debian.cnf rather than...
2008-03-25 Roland MasAdded missing Depends: mysql-client, mysql-server.
2008-02-18 Roland MasAdded infrastructure for manual page generation
2008-02-13 Roland MasLoad Debconf module in postinst.
2008-02-13 Roland MasRemoved .sh extension from scripts in /usr/sbin
2008-02-13 Roland MasCleaned up shebang line in maintainer scripts.
2008-01-28 Roland MasRemoved invalid bug numbers from changelogs
2008-01-25 Roland MasRemoved references to non-UTF-8 charsets where they...
2008-01-25 Roland MasRecoding all files to UTF-8, with Unix line endings
2008-01-25 Roland MasI18n infrastructure for everyone
2008-01-23 Roland Mas*.po files are UTF-8
2008-01-23 Roland MasStandards-Version is 3.7.2 in etch, not 3.7.3 yet
2008-01-23 Roland MasAdding initial (empty) French translations for Debconf...
2008-01-22 Roland MasInitial po-debconf infrastructure for lcslis-lcs-cybers...
2008-01-22 Roland MasAdded Debhelper token in maintainer scripts
2008-01-22 Roland MasRemoving template files coming from dh_make
2008-01-22 Roland MasRemoved boilerplate from copyright files
2008-01-22 Roland MasUpdated Standards-Version to current (3.7.3)
2008-01-22 Roland MasRephrased package description for lcslis-lcs-cyberschool
2008-01-22 Roland MasFixed email address, and added myself as uploader so...
2008-01-22 Roland MasStored Debhelper compatibility level where it belongs...
2008-01-22 Roland MasUpdated package version numbers for what will become 4.1
2008-01-21 Raphael HertzogRe-add all non-obsolete packages that didn't have any...
2008-01-21 Raphael HertzogMoved trunk into a stable maintenance branch (branches...
2008-01-07 Roland MasFixed typo in package description 4.0@3792
2008-01-07 Roland MasAdded dependency on debconf
2007-11-19 Philippe Le... * NOT RELEASED YET
2007-11-19 Philippe Le... * Slis tag for stable release 1.1.1@3600
2007-06-13 Philippe Le... (no commit message)
2007-06-13 Philippe Le... Fix version format 1.1.0@3251
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... New changelogs
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... Fix version format 1.1.0@3233
2007-06-12 Philippe Le... Version format 1.1.0@3170
2007-05-25 Philippe Le... Restructuration du depot
2007-01-19 Eric Merciercyberschool is ready for test 4.0@3117 1.1.0@3117 1.1.0@3117- 1.1.0@3117-- 1.1.1@3117 4.1.0@3117 4.1.3@3117 4.1.4@3117 4.1.5@3117 4.1.6@3117 4.2.0@3117 4.2.1@3117
2007-01-19 Eric Mercierbugfix in smb_addmachine (ROOT_PWD) and bugfix in mkfil...
2006-12-11 Eric MercierNew cberschool package for LCS
2006-12-11 Eric Mercierbugfix : thanx to h2o
2006-12-08 Eric MercierRemove ou= from mysql for ldapadd
2006-12-08 Eric MercierAdd root and admins group
2006-12-08 Eric Merciergrep -r for mysql password and good db for question
2006-12-08 Eric Mercierlcslis-lcs-cyberschool