descriptionMiscellaneous system administration scripts
ownerAcadémie de Grenoble
last changeThu, 4 Sep 2014 14:16:12 +0000 (16:16 +0200)
2014-09-04 Bruno Cudinidon't remove lcs-inventory, which no longer fails master
2014-09-04 Bruno Cudinifix rsync server's IP
2014-08-29 Bruno Cudiniclean up
2014-07-15 Bruno Cudiniadded a script to fix slapd after 4.1.4 upgrade
2014-07-02 Bruno Cudinifixed quoting in /etc/lcslise-update.conf
2014-04-23 Bruno Cudiniadd a task to check later if the upgrade is done
2014-04-23 Bruno Cudinidon't upgrade now, wait the night for it
2014-04-23 Bruno Cudinidon't use a fancy term in non-interactive sessions
2014-04-09 Bruno Cudinian exploit for heartbleed vuln
2014-04-09 Bruno Cudiniadded a Nmap script that looks for heartbleed
2014-04-09 Bruno Cudiniinstall screen if not already installed
2014-04-09 Bruno Cudinidelete useless StrictHostkeyChecking
2014-04-04 Bruno Cudinifix the replacement of the repo URL
2014-04-04 Bruno Cudinibugfixes on sed and ssh options
2014-04-02 Bruno Cudinimore verbose and better SSH options
2014-04-02 Bruno Cudiniscript as launched on fernand-leger
4 years ago master